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The React Bootcamp

Build a 6-figure career by mastering the React ecosystem the right way.

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a developer, you know that learning React can be an overwhelming task:
The tools you're told to learn are always changing, the amount of skills companies want from you is always growing. There's no clear guide to follow to learn React and the tools around it. Worst of all...

You spend days and weeks of your time, looking for tutorials, scouring the web for answers ...

It's every developer's worst nightmare—

You spend tons of time and effort, all to discover it was a waste.

...is there an alternative?

What if you knew exactly what to learn and how much time to spend learning it?

You could...

  • stop wondering and worrying whether you had the right React skills.
  • build amazing projects without running to StackOverflow to copy some stranger's code.
  • walk into interviews confident about the value you could provide to any company.
  • start having fun getting ahead in your career.

What if you could cut months (even years) of time off learning React?

Here's the truth:

React developers learn their career the wrong way.

Most developers piece their learning together from wherever they can find it, which can take a lot of time...

Students learning React can take a year or two to properly learn the fundamentals and figuring out how to build apps on their own.

1 - 2 years?! I don’t have that kind of time!

Shouldn't you be able to gain the skills you need to master React without spending years of time and $1000s to do it?

The tried and tested roadmap to becoming a top-tier React developer from the ground up.

Welcome to the opposite of so many boring, impractical React resources out there.

The React Bootcamp is a complete system featuring step-by-step videos that show you firsthand how to make real-world apps with just the React training you need to know.

This bootcamp is custom-made to be exciting, fun and energizing by focusing on the most important skill you can have as a React developer: building apps.

Launch a 6-figure career with React in record time.

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind training course to gain in-demand skills and jumpstart your developer career with React.

Isn't it time you got out of tutorial purgatory and started making real progress in your career?

In a month's time, you can learn an entire ecosystem of in-demand technologies, see how to build amazing production-ready apps, and become a job-ready React developer.

What Will You Learn?

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Learn everything you need to know in the modern React landscape.

After taking this bootcamp, you will be able to...

  • Build next-level fullstack apps with React + GraphQL
  • Effortlessly manage app state with React Context + Hooks
  • Master authentication best practices with React components
  • Add custom app features using React Hooks
  • Replace difficult state management libraries with Apollo Client
  • Securely authenticate users in your React apps
  • Upload media + image content with React + axios
  • Create and work with full-scale GraphQL APIs using Hasura + Apollo
  • Making impressive interfaces with React on all-sized devices
  • Build & deploy a mind-blowing clone of the official Instagram app from scratch
  • Still reading? 👀 This isn't even HALF the skills you'll learn...

Who Is This Course For?

This course was custom-made for ambitious developers, who:
  • Want to gain next-level React skills and rapidly increase their value as a developer .
  • Want to learn the complete process to make real-world React apps to create epic apps on their own.
  • Aren't satisfied with the courses and tutorials out there (that don't teach how to make something beyond a boring todo app).
  • Know HTML, CSS, and JS already, but want a truly exciting challenge to level-up their skills.
  • Want to learn all of the skills to become an effective React developer while having fun along the way.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to gain life-changing skills with React.

If you are looking to become a highly-skilled, highly-paid React developer, this course was MADE for you.

MEET YOUR Instructor
Reed Barger

Reed is the founder of The React Bootcamp, a premium training course designed to give you a six-figure career with React.

His work has been featured on top developer sites like FreeCodeCamp, Scrimba, and React Status. Reed has taught over 50,000 students to level up their React and JavaScript skills in over 100 countries in his online courses.

Reed Barger

You’ll get instant access to 5 weeks of content, featuring 25+ hours of HD training videos (with captions and transcripts). This includes the final app code for the project, plus additional downloadable resources, cheatsheets, and tons of practical examples.

In week 1
we’ll master the latest + greatest React techniques

We'll start with building apps using just pure React. As we strengthen our core React skills, we'll do a comprehensive crash course into all of the essential React Hooks and use all of these features to build a mini blogging app.

week 1
In week 2
we'll leverage the power of GraphQL with React

We'll see how to put the two together using the library, Apollo, and learn how to fetch and change data with GraphQL. As we do, we'll put together our own complete note-taking app using Queries, Mutations and Subscriptions.

week 2
In week 3
we’ll build impressive user interfaces with Material UI

We'll then integrate the component library, Material UI, in order to build impressive user interfaces. We'll add together all three of our tools to build a very polished and functional, full-stack music app.

week 3
In week 4
we'll build an amazing clone of the Instagram web app

we’ll put together everything we’ve learned in this course to build powerful app functionality and an impressive UI so that it all works just like the Instagram app itself.

week 4
In week 5
we'll make it work just like the real thing...

We've added the looks, now we'll add all the features that make it just like the real thing: live feed of users posts, followers, notifications, profiles, comments and much more. In short... a truly amazing React app to share with the world.

week 5

5 huge wins from the Bootcamp to make you a 6-figure React developer

  1. medal
    You'll gain tried and tested best practices for writing your React code using cutting-edge features and libraries (that other tutorials don't even touch on).
  2. shield
    You'll learn firsthand how to make robust React apps without relying on complicated, out-of-date tools and teaching. Everything you will learn is up-to-date for 2021 and immensely practical.
  3. webpage
    You'll pick up the entire process for how solid, feature-rich React apps and interfaces are built from the ground up. Everything from installing our dependencies to live deployment on the web.
  4. lightbulb
    Everything in this course is instant, practical, and fun. . This training was custom-made to value your time (unlike almost every other) . Without an "um" or "uh" in sight, just exciting content.
  5. certificate
    By the end of this course, you'll have much more than 4 stunning real-world apps. You'll have the skills and techniques to launch your business, your next great app idea, and as a top-notch portfolio project for any future employer to see.

When you enroll in the Bootcamp, you get forever access to:

Step-by-step videos

If you want to learn React well, you're in the right place. You'll gain the best hands-on experience on how to level up your React skills with crystal clear instruction. I'll be pair programming with you every step of the way.

Practical code examples

This course was designed to be as eminently practical as possible. All of the code we write is made to better create our final app and every bit of it will show you how to build great apps going forward.

Essential resources

Not only will you get the final, completed app code for our project, but along with every video, you'll find transcripts attached to every video as well as professionally done captions to follow along with.

the only React course created to make you an epic, job-ready developer from start to finish
Plus! Once you enroll, you get:
ALL Current And Future Content
react bootcamp

including a combined total of:

5 Weeks / Modules
25+ Hours of Video
Finished App Code, Captions & Transcripts
The Complete Package
$ 299 $ 149 USD
  • 5 weeks / 25 hours of expertly-produced HD video content
  • Professional captions & transcripts for every single lecture
  • Completed app code for easy reference
  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course
  • Free updates as the course becomes better and better
You’ll save an EPIC $150
when you join today.
The Essentials
$ 149 $ 79 USD
  • Over 12 hours of expertly-produced 1080p video content
  • Three weeks of in-depth, no-nonsense tutorials
  • Professional captions & transcripts for every lecture
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Questions students like you have asked

  • What if I haven't used React before?

    You might find this course a little bit of a challenge if you have not had any experience with React before. If you have a base knowledge of JavaScript and React, this course is a great fit. Every bit of code we write is broken down, line-by-line. You won't be left behind.

    The best part for beginners is this: you won’t waste time on trial and error because you’re learning how to code great React apps from the start.

  • Will I need to purchase anything else once I buy the course?

    No, services that we use throughout the course are entirely free! This includes the API and hosting services (Hasura and Vercel) that we use to create our backend and deploy our app. I want to make sure you don't spend another dime once you get access to this course.

  • When do I get access to the video training?

    Immediately! This course is ready for you right now. Note that the course material is dripped out one week at a time to make the content easily digestible and to help keep you on track to finish each week on schedule.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay online instantly with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.

  • Is there a time limit to complete the course? How long do I have access?

    There is no time limit to going through the content in this course. You can take it at your own pace! Plus, your access to the course doesn't expire. Enjoy lifetime access to this course, plus all future updates when you join.